New Blog – Same Crazy Girls

New Blog – Same Crazy Girls

Repeating our ‘About us’ page but this really does sum up our plans really nicely…

1,2,3,4,5,6… Lets go! Our page is quite simple… We have 1 vision, we are 2 girls, planning 3 peaks, 4 Ironman Events, 5 cycle sportives, 6 marathon majors and finally the 7 summits… (Yes, including Mount Everest!!!)

Well, we started by using birthdays as an excuse to climb mountains (in the Lake District initially) moved on to Kilimanjaro, planned a few running and obstacle events and then boom… Our vision expanded, our purses shrunk, our ambition grew and our families despaired (they still do).

We intend to keep a blog of our adventures from here on in. For a number of reasons really, to document memories, to keep us motivated, to encourage other people (everyone should be encouraged to try any challenge that appeals to them), find ourselves some accountability buddies – If we have told you we are doing it then we will have to stick to it, and just generally keep track of all our fun, fear and plans as they occur!

The next few months of this year include some tough challenges, as we are both doing the Rat Race Coast to Coast and then the Chicago Marathon… We also have a number of other events either individually or together, but we’ll tell you about them in due course. That means all other days are taken up by training, eating, sleeping and remembering that we are still human, everyone has good days and bad days (yesterday was a bad day – very sore legs after the Southport Half Marathon on Sunday), today is a better day, sun is shining, gym session and run done – life’s not so bad.

Please do follow us, laugh with us, or at us, encourage us, let us encourage you and let us know your thoughts, tips, feelings etc. We would love to hear from you!! Keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@1Vision2Girls) or by email

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