Meet the girls – Helen

So for a few weeks Jenni has abandoned the UK and is busy enjoying the delights of Thailand. I’m not bitter at all… Well, maybe just a bit, I could do with some warm beaches to run on and sea to swim in, instead I have hot pavements in central London smog and a local lake, not quite as idyllic.

So we haven’t really introduced ourselves as yet, whilst Jenni is away she promises me she will write some posts but we will forgive her if her time gets overtaken by diving and other nice things. Well, I might forgive her, eventually!


Anyway, I’m Helen, not much to know about me really, I’m 30yrs old, living in Hornchurch, working in London, training and participating in events pretty much everywhere. I have a horse (see above image – I often pull strange faces whilst jumping) and a dog which makes for a fun but hectic lifestyle with early morning rides and evening walks included as standard. Jenni and I live a substantial distance apart as she is in Southport so whilst we are embarking on this crazy adventure together we are very much training apart which makes it harder. We have a number of events entered together such as Rat Race Coast to Coast and  Chicago Marathon but we are also doing separate events, my main focus at the moment is training for a 24hr cycle from Newcastle to London. Well I say main focus, I am trying to keep up with a little bit of everything at the moment.

Currently I am working on my swimming, with a number of Ironman events in our plan I need to ensure all disciplines are up to scratch. I used to be a reasonable swimmer when I was younger but kind of fell out of it and now rarely swim. So this weekend I headed to a local triathlon training facility – the tri farm to practise some open water swimming. I was nervous to start with, started too fast, panicked, couldn’t catch my breathing very well but settled down after an 800mtr lap and managed another lap after that a little more successfully. I went back again on Monday when the weather was gorgeous, the water was warm and I had a much better swim, 2 full laps without panicking or messing up my breathing and its a beautiful place to train so no complaints from me!


I may try a few pool swims this week to build my training up a bit. A good pool to swim in is the London Aquatics Centre in Stratford, I really enjoy it there, good facility, good value and I try to swim there whenever I can. After my open water swim on Monday I met up with my local cycling club Romford CC (if you are looking for a cycling club near Hornchurch look no further) to join their club ride. Its nice to train with people and luckily my friend Lisa is a member of this club but also often cycles with me and will be joining me and our other friends Laura and Kat on the 24hr cycle in August so its good practice to train together as well as being social. Laura, Lisa and I also rode the London to Southend cyle event on Sunday – Lisa has done a fab write up of this on her own blog (fatgirlfit2015), complete with pictures – check it out! I am lacking in the running a bit this week, I’m loosely blaming the heat so may try a gentle run this evening when it has cooled down a bit. Does anyone have some spare hours in the day they could lend me please? I’m fast running out!