Great beginnings

We met back in 2006 as horse riding instructors in Central London. A close friendship was built instantly over our mutual love of tea and cake. We were reasonably fit then in terms of horse riding (sometimes up to eight horses per day) and walking lots which also incorporated dog walking in our lunch breaks. Those days we could eat ten chocolate bars per day and remain fairly slim without a prescribed exercise plan due to such a physically demanding job, but then it all changed, we got “proper” jobs!
The sedentary nature of office work meant we bit the bullet and joined a Central London gym, which was a significant proportion of our modest salary’s. We, therefore, committed to meet 2-3 times per week after work to attend. Unfortunately, we were clueless and found the gym a very tedious way of burning calories compared to riding around on horses. We frequently would use the time to chat, so obviously we were not exerting ourselves. If we did make it into the gym it normally consisted of 30 mins going through the motions on one of the dull cardio machines before hitting the sauna but sadly most times we met outside the gym and decided coffee and cake would be a better idea and would head off down the street to add to our daily calorie intake.
The purpose of the story is to demonstrate the fact that we are not athletic by nature at all. Our bodies couldn’t be further from that of a marathon runner or mountaineer. We are normal people with normal jobs. We enjoy cake (perhaps too frequently) and find all of the disciplines we have set goals to conquer very difficult indeed. We hope to inspire (although that’s probably too strong a word) women who think they can’t do things to just try. I literally couldn’t run down the road 12 months ago and to my surprise managed the London Marathon in March. It may sound cringe worthy but anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Set a goal, figure out how to get there and just do it. It’s not about what you look like or how good you are at a certain discipline, just give it your best shot. That’s literally all we are trying to do. Our friends and family think we are crazy and to look at us you probably wouldn’t think us capable of any sporty activity but you really can do anything!