Training – Helen

With all the events we have planned and a number of others that I have entered solo my training programme is somewhat intense. This weekend, along with some friends I participated in the Prudential Ride London – a 100mile ride that heads out of London, through the Surrey Hills and then back into Central London, it was a fab event, really well organised, closed roads, lovely route and lots of cyclists all joined together to enjoy the sport they love, although I didn’t love getting up at 3.30am to get to the start… That made me quite miserable! In the week prior to this event I had already cycled 150miles, so this event and the ride home brought my total cycling miles for the week to 268!!

The rest of my training was a little more varied, I ran once (yes I know I need to do better than that but there is so little time!), went to the gym for a couple of classes and did 3 swimming sessions (twice open water and once in a pool), my boyfriend trudged round the lake on one of these sessions and took numerous pictures of me. This is how I felt about training on Saturday morning!


I was not impressed to say the least, but I felt a bit better once I got in the water and got on with it! Although I am sure I am made of potato, I feel like I am subject to osmosis, being part potato could be true as I eat a lot of it… I always get out of the water feeling like my body has doubled in size and absorbed the water! Yuk!

Saturday afternoon I attended Nuclear Races Summer Party, which was fab, it gave people a chance to play on the obstacles without the pressure of being in a race or having to cover a specific distance! I have to admit I was fairly tame and didn’t do too much, I have been very tired and didn’t want to injure myself ahead of all my events, but I played on the zip line, climbed a few walls, traversed some muddy water and had great fun!


Then last night, having had a jam packed weekend and ended it feeling exhausted I had KFC – treat to myself for all my hard work training over the last week (that and we were feeling too tired and lazy to cook) and I was then in bed by 8pm… Yep – 8pm. But I had been up since 3.30am and cycled 118miles so that makes it ok I think??

Aiming for a slightly easier week this week to re-energise and prepare for next weeks event – The London Triathlon!! Scary Stuff!!! Eeeeekkkkk!!!