Girls get muddy! 

I think one of the most fun ways of getting a weekends exercise in is to take part in an obstacle course race (OCR).

I found OCR in 2013, when I took part in a Tough Mudder with a group of equally crazy friends and family! Mud, water, obstacles, running around all day with friends having fun, what’s not to like? I remember being about 4miles into the 12mile course, turning round to the team I was with and saying ‘I dunno about you guys but I’d do this again’! It felt like being a big child and having tons of fun, carefree, I loved it, I was hooked!

2014, I was back, a bigger crazier group of friends Tough Mudder again, with a spa hotel booked to treat ourselves the nights after and the following day! This was the way to do it! Or was it? There was a super scary massive slide, I don’t look like I’m having fun? Electrocution wires?! A very panicked little sis having got stuck in the electroshock therapy obstacle… But still we loved it! And in 2015 we went back again!!!

My face coming out of Artic Enema! Remind me why we call these things fun? A massive container filled with ice and freezing water… Of course it’s fun right?! Then in 2015 I discovered we weren’t the only people who did this craziness, there is a whole following, lots of people get muddy at the weekends, throw themselves in cold water and climb ginormous obstacles for fun! Who knew?! There are loads of us!!!

So in 2015 I discovered lots of other OCR events, Bear Grylls, Nuclear, Rat Race Survival of the Fittest… There are too many races to be able to try them all but I was doing my best!!

The great thing about OCR is the help and supportiveness that comes from other participants and marshals… Especially in times of great need, pic above, bottom right corner, yep that’s my butt being helpfully hauled unceremoniously up the half pipe by an obliging assistant!!

Talking of supportiveness, in 2015 I became a Mudd Queen! These are an incredible community of ladies who love to run, or Marshall muddy races in their spare time! They are incredibly supportive, understand the need to get muddy, the difficulties in training and overcoming fears and love supporting people to achieve their goals, be it run 5km or complete a marathon, these ladies are awesome! And it gives me an excuse to buy really awesome merchandise to wear at races!! Love shopping!!!

I have more merchandise than that but I don’t wanna bore you guys with all the pictures!

2016 and despite having mountains to climb, marathons to run and triathlons to train for I have done my best to keep up with the obstacle racing! Iv taken part in Zeus Races, I have a Nuclear Races season pass (1 race left to go this season) and have done these races with amazing teams of people! Look how happy and muddy we are!

I have marshalled at Diablo and Nuclear, and I have earned my Spartan Race Trifetca along with 2 amazing ladies and very awesome friends Stacey and Lisa!

Obstacle racing is tough, muddy, physically demanding… It makes you face your fears, do things you never imagined you would ever attempt… Push harder than you knew was possible. But it also brings you a huge sense of achievement, joins you up with a fantastic sporting community, makes you meet new friends, set new boundaries (only to break through them at the next race) and causes the washing machine a lot of hell! But overall it’s fab! I love it, I highly recommend for everyone to try one race, but be warned, they are highly addictive and before you know it you’ll be earning trifetcas, purchasing season passes and considering neoprene layers so you can keep racing through cold muddy water even in the depths of winter…

But in the words of Kung Fu Panda – if you never do more than you can, you will never be more than you are!

Happy muddy racing everyone! We love it!

8 thoughts on “Girls get muddy! 

  1. cakevsscales says:

    Yes to getting muddy! This weekend I completed my 3rd OCR and it was my first time marshalling also, I absolutely adore the team spirit and the fact it pushes me out of my comfort zone.
    I’ve not yet tried any of the ‘big’ races such as Spartan and am very impressed by anyone with a Spartan Trifetca (Hey, you ROCK!).
    Maybe I’ll see you at an event next year! 😀


    • 1vision2girls says:

      Amazing! Well done on our 3rd OCR! Where was it? Soon it will be your 30th event and you’ll be wondering how it happened! I’m sure you could do your trifecta if you wanted to, as with most of this stuff it’s a case of mind over matter and sheer grit and determination! I’m sure we will see you at an event soon?

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    • 1vision2girls says:

      Thanks Ashley! They are great fun, it’s such a shame you can’t join in. These type of events also have a really fun atmosphere if you volunteer at them too, so that’s one way of getting involved!


  2. TheHelpfulHiker says:

    Great pics, I can see why people love them and I can even see why they are addictive, but really not for me! I can just about manage to run without people putting obstacles in my way! It would take me about 3 days to finish. Think I’ll stick to pottering about in the hills and taking things a little slower 🙂


    • 1vision2girls says:

      We also enjoy days that aren’t quite as crazy, recently spent a day climbing Ben Nevis when the only obstacle was the strong winds! Volunteering at an OCR is another fun way of getting involved without having to actually run the course, the marshals have great fun too!

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    • 1vision2girls says:

      Thanks Sarah, they are great fun, promotes teamwork and it’s impossible to take yourself too seriously when covered head to toe in mud!! Can be challenging too but in a really good way


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