An apology, our plans for 2017 and the start of Winter Training…

So we have been pretty quiet post Chicago Marathon. I apologise for this. There isn’t really an excuse. We have both taken a few weeks to wind down a bit, plan our events for next year and generally have a bit of a rest. I also went to Center Parcs for a weekend with some awesome friends and whilst we were there I carved my first ever pumpkin for Halloween!

Mine is the witch! I know that’s completely irrelevant to this blog but I was so proud! We also ran in the mornings, cycled in the evenings and did tons of sports such as badminton whilst we were there!

As you are aware Jenni was injured prior to running the Chicago marathon, so she needed a rest to help repair a tear in her calf muscle. Hopefully she will be all fixed by the Tatton Park half marathon on the 20th November!

I (Helen) had a pretty nasty ankle injury earlier on in the year. I thought I had sprained it so I had some physio etc, as it wasn’t improving in quite the way I would have liked I went to see a consultant at the London Foot and Ankle Clinic and was referred for an MRI. On the day I went to get my results I was hopeful that the damage wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately this was not the case! The diagnosis is pretty nasty.

In English, I have a tear lengthways through a tendon in my ankle, hence the continued instability and painful periods. So the cure for this… An operation… To try to repair some of the damage or possibly cut away the bits that are too broken and sew the remainder to an adjacent tendon… Not really the news I was hoping for. I have a number of events already planned and really don’t want to miss them. I have therefore taken the decision to try to continue to train on the injury, assisted by plenty of kinesiology tape, an ankle support, and supported by my physiotherapists I will hopefully delay the operation until March 2017. With some luck on my side and careful training I am hopeful that I will be able to take part in the Dubai 70.3 Ironman event in January and the Tokyo Marathon in February prior to my operation. Then there will be an enforced rest period for a few months whilst I recover and I hope to be back in action by the Staffordshire 70.3 Ironman in June.

So as you have probably gathered we already have some quite adventurous and exciting plans for 2017! Have a look at the events we are taking part in and let us know if you are going to be at any or might like to join us.

27th January – Ironman 70.3 Dubai – Helen
5th February – London Winter Run – Helen
26th February – Tokyo Marathon – Helen
12th March – Silverstone Half Marathon – Both of us (& its my birthday – come & join us)
9th April – West Lancs Spring Triathlon – Jenni
30th April – Maserati Tour de Yorkshire – Jenni
14th May – Isle of Man Cyclefest Gran Fondo – Jenni
21st May – Southport Olympic Distance Triathlon – Both of us (operation allowing)
4th June – Roman Road Challenge (82mile cycle) – Jenni
18th June – Staffordshire 70.3 Ironman – Both of us
1st July – Cotswold Way 50km – Helen
9th July – Velothon Wales 140km – Jenni
15th – 16th July – Spitfire Scramble – Helen
23rd July – London Triathlon – Both of us
30th July – Ride London 100 – Both of us
19th August – Newcastle to London 24hr Cycle – Both of us (event has now been cancelled)
8th October – Chester Marathon – Jenni

I’m sure this list will grow further in time as well, so feel free to send us your suggestions if there is an event you think we should try out.

So with a hectic 2017 planned its imperative that we continue our training through the winter.

Begrudgingly I have set up my turbo trainer at home so I can cycle inside when the weather is too dangerous to cycle outside. I have a real hatred of the turbo trainer, I much prefer being outside and the miles seem to pass so much quicker then, but indoor training has its advantages. In addition to being warm and dry you can have a more precise workout, adjust the intensity to ensure you are always training at appropriate levels and I am generally tougher on myself at home, whereas I do have a tendency to pick easier roads when I head out for a ride. I find there are various stages of emotion to a turbo trainer session as illustrated below:

Running needs to continue, with a January half Ironman event and a February marathon I probably need to increase my running quite substantially. This can be tough especially when the weather is so cold breathing can be a struggle as the air temperature is so cold. But with a bit of determination and the right clothing it becomes easier. Wearing a wragg/buff around your neck with a layer of it pulled up over your mouth can make the air easier to swallow. Use layers rather than thick clothing so you can take them off and put them on as you warm up and cool down. Keeping ears covered helps a lot and good thermal baselayers help me, I am a massive fan of the Virus Stay Warm kit. I am trying to get some lunchtime sessions in, as at least then I can run in the daylight when the temperature isn’t as low, coupled with running home approx. once a week and I have also joined a Winter Run Club on a Thursday night, starting at TinyTY BoxPark in Shoreditch at 6.30pm. We are all training for the London Winter Run and group accountability makes it harder to back out of training.

A few gym sessions have crept back into my schedule as well, I neglected my strength training during the summer as my training was mainly cardio due to all the events I had entered, now I need to go back to working on my core strength. GRIT Strength classes are a current favourite of mine, I have to say they are super tough and I don’t enjoy them much when I am there but I can feel the benefit even after only a few classes so I am determined to keep it up!

So we are sorry for the silence, we will do better from here on in! Promise! 2017 looks busy but fun we are looking forward to all our planned events and winter training will continue in earnest from this day forward. Starting with run club tomorrow night… Come and join me?

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