When not training is harder than training… 

So I am now 5 days post op… that’s 5 whole days of not being able to get up and go anywhere unless someone takes me… struggling to get in and out of the shower and then sweating by the time I’ve hopped nervously down the stairs so I kinda need to shower again…

Most of you will know that on Wednesday last week I had an operation to repair a tendon in my ankle. Don’t get me wrong, pre-op I was in a bad way and the tendon needed fixing. The recovery period was supposed to be 2 weeks in a cast, 6 weeks in a boot, 3 months until I can try to run again… This sounded horrendous to me, but I’m a pretty tough cookie, I was sure I would survive…

I had the operation on Wednesday last week and it went better than anticipated! Yay! Straight into a boot, therefore technically taking a couple of weeks off my planned recovery. My boyfriend collected me from hospital the next day and I was home to start resting and recovering.

I didn’t feel too bad on Thursday, not too painful, probably still some lasting anaesthetic I came home, had a nap and managed to go out for a few hours in the evening to a Specialized womens event in their Chelmsford Concept Store. (Adam took me as I obviously can’t drive), a lovely evening with some awesome ladies and pretty bikes, just what I needed!

Friday I was tired, and it hurt!!! My ankle is swollen so the boot feels like it’s squeezing the swelling, the boot is heavy, really heavy and feels like more of a hinderance than a help! Friday was a day for sleeping and trying to cope with the pain!!

Saturday, was a long and boring day! I finished a book I started, my mum popped over to make me lunch, and in the afternoon my sister came and took me to my mums so I had some alternative company and they made me dinner!

Sunday! Adam took me out to watch the finish of the Brentwood half marathon, I had run this race last year with friends and I knew lots of people running so we headed out to see them finish! It was great to be out and about and Brentwood is a pretty hilly course so I wasn’t too sad to not be running. We had coffee at our friends James and Laura’s house afterwards (it was quite a long hop to the house my biggest challenge yet) but it was lovely to be with friends.

You would think having been out in the morning the rest of the day would pass quite quickly? But it doesn’t… I’m aware of almost every minute of every hour, and 2 movies later I was super frustrated! My weekends are normally a flurry of activity, running, cycling, horse riding, walking the dog… Not this one! With hopping limited to 5-10mins at a time getting to and from the bathroom is about my limit!

At least I have the dog to keep me company! In order to recover properly I need to find a way to stay calm whilst being inactive, I’m going to try some adult colouring today! I’m also thinking if I lie on the floor with my legs on the sofa I could maybe do some sit ups, maybe even some press ups from my knees if I hook my legs up behind me? I may wait until Adam gets home from work to trial these in case they go spectacularly wrong and I end up stuck on the floor!

Now I know I’m lucky, there is nothing seriously wrong with me, I should recover fully and therefore 6 weeks of being on the sofa with my foot in the air shouldn’t be too traumatic. There are an incredible number of inspiring people who live with very severe injuries and learn to adapt their lifestyle accordingly.

I attended a conference recently where one of the facilitators was Clare Griffiths, a wheelchair basketball athlete for team GB at the Paralympics, Clare had been a keen sportsperson when she broke her back in a horse riding accident and was paralysed. She went on to take part in 5 Paralympic Games! I sat next to Clare at dinner and her story truly is inspiring… Therefore I feel like I should not grumble.

But for now I am finding it tough, the sudden change in my lifestyle albeit temporary is affecting my mood and making me grumpy, I will try to rectify this over the next few days and I’m sure as the pain subsides and I become more mobile this will become a bit easier…

Hopefully il be back up and running in no time…

6 thoughts on “When not training is harder than training… 

  1. Elle Linton (@X_eLle_S) says:

    When you are back running, you’ll be strnger than before! Do you have Netflix?! I can recommend the OJ Simpson series… I watched the whole thing yesterday! hahaha! …you can also use this time to do all the little admin things you’ve prob put off for a while… maybe take up the call call offering to claim back your PPI?! lol …look after yourself xoxo


    • 1vision2girls says:

      Ha ha ha! I do have Netflix, il take a look at the series! Yep, admin is the way forward, just need to strategically place all papers and phones close to the sofa so minimum movement is needed during the day! Adam has set me up a table next to the sofa with kettle and toaster! Can not wait to be back to running! XxX


  2. Beki @MissWheezy says:

    Perhaps look at doing a course in something online – it will make you feel like you’re accomplishing something even if you can’t physically get active! You can definitely do some upper body exercises too when you feel up to it – get yourself some dumbbells 🙂


    • 1vision2girls says:

      Thanks Beki! Yep completely agree, I do have one final assignment for my CIM marketing diploma due end of the month so at least I can work on that, and will be getting Adam to put some dumbbells by the sofa so they are in easy reach for me to try and use this week!


  3. Lauren M says:

    It must be very frustrating, hope things are easier now. Take the opportunity to sort out all those niggly admin jobs you’ve been putting off for ages!


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