2017 London Triathlon

We were particularly looking forward to this race! As you know we don’t often get to do our events together as we live so far apart so this was a great opportunity for us to catch up and race at one of the biggest triathlons ever.

Saturday night Jenni came to stay with me and we headed out for dinner and a chat whilst my ever helpful boyfriend Adam checked our bikes over! After dinner we packed all our kit and we were even more excited as this would be our first race in our custom kit! We had designed a logo and then with the help of 2XU we designed full custom kit, Tri suits, bib shorts, cycle jerseys and running vests. We had eagerly been awaiting the arrival of this kit and we were not disappointed. The printing is fantastic and it’s all amazing quality! We love it and couldn’t wait to race in it!

Our start time was 7.40am, this meant an early alarm for us. 4.45am, alarms went off and we got up and tried to eat some breakfast, packed all our stuff into the car and we were off. Luckily I don’t live too far from the event so it was only about half an hour to drive.

Once we arrived registration was very simple, just show ID and collect your timing  chip as all numbers and wristbands had been sent out by post. We moved quickly into bike racking which was super well organised – it’s such a luxury to have a fully indoor transition area!

Bikes racked we went outside to have a look at the swim course. The course looks a long way all mapped out in one loop but it was well marked with buoys and lots of kayakers for water safety, our only concern was it was quite cold outside, this could mean it would be a chilly start to the bike!

The London Triathlon is a busy event and we knew lots of people taking part, a number of those people were in the same wave as us so we had plenty of friendly faces around as we got into our wetsuits and got ready to start.

Then it was time to start! I’m always a nervous swimmer in open water especially at the start, but once the swim was underway I actually felt quite relaxed, I took an inside line that surprisingly wasn’t too crowded and it made it easier to sight as there was a yellow rope strung buoy to buoy so I didn’t have to keep looking up for the buoys.

Just over 33mins later and the swim was over, wetsuit off, into transition. Then off out onto the bike. The course was a long loop up to Westminster in central london, then a smaller loop to finish. The course goes out and back so you can see all the other competitors on the other side of the road. I saw a number of people I knew on the bike leg, it’s so nice when someone goes past shouting encouragement.

We had quite a big group of supporters out watching us and I spotted them towards the end of my first lap. My boyfriend managed to take this slightly crazy looking photo of me. I was enjoying myself honestly!!

Bike done, just the run left to go. Now I haven’t done much running recently other than the Spitfire Scramble, iv been avoiding it, giving my ankle the best chance of fully healing, so I wasn’t looking forward to the 10km at the end of this race. I set off trying to make sure I didn’t go too fast, 10km can feel like a long way at the end of an event and I was determined to finish the run still running! Whilst out on the bike course I had passed and been passed by the same man a few times (I’m afraid I don’t know his name) but it turned out we were a similar run pace, so side by side we ran alongside the docks, listening to the music that was playing. I have to say for me the music was a great addition, last year the run felt a bit long and lonely outside by the docks, but this year the turn point was early, there was lots of music and the course had been extended inside the building. This felt weird at first but was actually quite good as I’m more determined when I know people can see me and there was no where to hide on the inside loop!

Just over 56mins later and it was all over… I was really proud of my run time. It finally feels like I’m starting to return to normal fitness levels and this is exciting for me!

I actually managed a PB at this event, despite a slightly slower bike leg my run was quicker than the year before and I came in at 2hrs 54mins and 36seconds!

I enjoyed the day, and I’m sure I’ll be back again next year. Local event, closed roads and a PB course… Yep, I’m hooked!

And even after racing in it for nearly 3 hours I am still in love with our new kit! Thanks 2XU!!!

Unfortunately for Jenni she had some issues with a back injury causing breathing problems in the swim, and despite the best efforts of the swim safety team and the Red Cross medics she was unable to continue her race. Huge thanks the the swim safety and Red Cross for looking after her! Hopefully she’ll be back next year too!

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