Starting a new parkrun – we need your help!!!!

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We are fortunate to have a number of inspiring people around us, people who have helped us in our fitness journeys and continue to support and encourage us.

There are a number of amazing programmes and events that help to get people of all ages and abilities involved in some form of physical activity and we are keen to support these wherever we can.

One such initiative that has turned into a global success is parkrun.


parkrun are free weekly timed 5km events in local parks. They start at 9am on Saturday mornings each week in parks up and down the uk as well as overseas, and are a great way of getting local communities active. With clearly marked routes, helpful volunteers, back markers (no one finishes last) and a family friendly atmosphere parkrun really is a great way to start the weekend.

We both enjoy participating in local parkrun events and therefore I (Helen) decided to look into what would be involved in holding one in the park most local to me – Hornchurch Country Park.

I’ve teamed up with Lisa from FatGirlFit in order to work on this as a project. We are both passionate about helping people get involved in physical activity and enjoying exercise and the outdoors, how better to do this than to arrange a free weekly local event as encouragement.

We have identified a great 1 lap 5km route through Hornchurch Country Park (subject to final approval) and can’t wait to be able to launch our parkrun event.

Therefore we are now quite a way along our journey to getting this organised and we now need to gain the funding for the start up costs.

Start up costs amount to ¬£3,000 and are a one off cost as the ongoing management and organisation is all done by volunteers, so once it’s set up and running (literally) it is completely self supporting.

We have been approved as a potential community project for Aviva and this is where we need your help. We need people to vote for our project to enable us to receive the funding we need to turn this dream into a reality and help people from around our local area to enjoy the many benefits of a local parkrun.

Please vote for us via this link and help us bring parkrun to Hornchurch Country Park!

Once you have registered you have 10 votes and we would really appreciate if you could share with all your friends, family and colleagues to help us gain some much needed support for this project!

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Thanks in advance, fingers crossed we can make this a great local success.