2017 Achievements and 2018 Aspirations

2017 has gone past in a flurry of events and excitement. We have achieved so much more this year than I would have thought possible and yet there is still so much we want to do.

Some of our main achievements this year include: Ironman Dubai 70.3, Tokyo Marathon, recovering from my Ankle Operation, Staffordshire Half Ironman, Swim Serpentine and completing the London Classics, Berlin Marathon, Ironman Malaysia. Alongside many other races, triathlons and sportives it’s been a busy, fast paced but fun year!

There was a noticeable lack of mountains this year as we concentrated on our marathon majors and triathlon goals. Much as we would like to do everything as soon as possible we really do have to balance work, life, family, training and rest to be sure to have a good quality of life and I think we did pretty well at chipping away towards our goals throughout 2017.

Living so far apart provides its own challenges as we aren’t close enough to run and cycle together on a regular basis… Therefore we need to thank the people we have met locally who continue to train with us, challenge us and offer support and motivation! Without these amazing people our challenges would be so much harder! So to these people – you know who you are! Thank you!

Outside of our sporting achievements there have been a few other highlights! We successfully designed our logo, and designed and purchased custom kit. We were added as a featured blogger on Challenge Finder and we were also featured as a 5 page spread in RunDeep Magazine! I’ve also been selected to be a brand ambassador for Primal Europe for 2018, so I’m sure you will hear more about that soon, and hopefully this opportunity should take me on some more adventures!

For 2018 we already have a lot of plans – I’ll be at Ironman Dubai 70.3 and Brighton Marathon. We will both be travelling to Sweden for the Vatternrundan. Jenni will be at Ironman Bolton whilst I am at Spitfire Scramble. Then we will both be at Ironman Italy and the New York marathon! So 2018 will see us moving towards completing our marathon majors, halfway through our ironman goals and making headway on the cycling goal!

As ever we are open to suggestions for other events, we already have a number of runs and sportives in our training calendar, but open to recommendations for other events we should try!

2018 will be another challenge but will hopefully bring amazing experiences, more achievements and we will get to meet even more incredible people along the way!

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