Becoming a Primal Ambassador

So as we have already shared in December I (Helen) was announced as a 2018 Primal Europe Ambassador!

The initial application process took place in October 2017 and was quite simple really, fill in an online form with some information about yourself and links to social media pages. I have to admit I did this section and almost forgot about my application, I didn’t really expect to be taken any further, surely there would be thousands more interesting cyclists that they could choose?!

Then at the end of November I received an email saying I had been selected as a finalist in a 2 stage process. Stage 1 was to create a 1 minute video showing why I would be a good ambassador. Now I don’t mind admitting the thought of this made me a bit uneasy, I’m actually not the most confident person especially on camera and I wasn’t sure I could do it! I had a chat with my boyfriend Adam and he offered to film me and edit the video and we could see from there if I wanted to submit it.

So off we went! Loaded 2 bikes into the car and I rode one across the park to an area we thought would be suitable for filming multiple disciplines, luckily our local park has mountain bike tracks, grass and gravel paths and also road surfaces so we could film lots of different shots in a short space of time with no travelling needed.

With much giggling and quite a few repeated shots (especially off road – that’s not my specialty) we had enough footage of me on the bike. We had also filmed me leaving and re-entering the house so people could see my full journey. The last section was hardest, just sat on the sofa with a cup of tea there was no where to hide from the camera whilst I tried to explain the benefits of cycling and how it can make you feel.

Video submitted, then to wait. Out of all the videos submitted 7 would be chosen for the next stage. Then on the 4th December I was told I was a finalist! All finalists videos would be shared on Primal Europes social media channels for 24hrs, the ones with the most engagement (1 male and 1 female) would become the 2018 ambassadors. They did a draw to decide which video went on which day. Mine was Tuesday… Is Tuesday a good day for social media engagement? It was now!

I am so lucky in that I have the most supportive friends and family, and quickly my video accumulated lots of views, shares and comments. I couldn’t believe the reach that is possible in such a short space of time! Some of the comments left by people I know were truly humbling but encouraging at the same time! They genuinely thought I would make a great ambassador! Then it was time to cross my fingers and wait. With my video being the 2nd of 7 to be released there was plenty of time for someone else to achieve higher levels of engagement.

Then on the 13th December I was announced as one of the 2018 ambassadors! I was genuinely shocked but excited.

Primal are the official sponsor for the Velo29 sportives, so as part of my role I will be attending some of these events. I am already signed up for the York Leeds York Sportive in March – nothing like an early season event to work out where your base fitness is at hey? Jenni will also be riding this event as we start to train for the Vatternrundan and our Ironman events. We need all the cycling training we can possibly fit in! Anyone want to join us on this ride?

Iv already tested out some of the Primal winter kit, and it’s been great, although I have to admit I have done minimal cycling during January as the weather has not been my friend, heavy rain and high winds are not the best cycling weather, however I have made it out a few times and I also bought a new winter bike! I think I could have an addiction to Liv bikes – I blame Giant Docklands for this! Too many pretty bikes in one place!

But with my kit ready, winter bike up and running, I’m ready for the rest of the winter season! Although il be taking a break from the winter next week when I head to Dubai for Ironman 70.3! After minimal training this may not be my best performance at middle distance but I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and a chance to use my Primal kit in another climate!

Il let you know how I get on!