My year as a Primal Europe Ambassador

2018 has been an amazing blur filled with lots of cycling and triathlon events. I think sometimes when you look back on the year its easy to forget exactly how much has been achieved so an end of year round up is a great opportunity to reflect on all the great events I have taken part in.

2018 has been my first year of being an ambassador for Primal Europe and I’ve had a great time. I am thankful to Primal Europe for the opportunities they have given me along with the support. I never thought when I started working with Primal that I would love their kit as much as I do, but a whole year on and I’m still excited by each new design and really enjoy riding in the extremely pretty kits that they make. The team at Primal have also been fantastic and friendly with everything from meeting them at York Leeds York to helping design and produce our new caps for Romford Cycle Club.

I’ve taken part in many sportives, and also been a ride angel for a few events, I’ve cycled a total of 3258 miles (according to Strava so there may be a few rides I haven’t logged). That’s a pretty long way, but I still don’t feel like I spent a huge amount of time on my bike. Maybe I need to set myself a bigger target for 2019?

So what are my cycling highlights of 2018?

In chronological order:

  1. York Leeds York – cycling in the depths of winter takes some dedication, so heading up to York in the snow made me question my sanity! Even more so when I realised that all the roads on the course had snow banked up along the edges. Luckily, (or unluckily depending on your thought process), it poured with rain on the day of the event which meant the snow melted in most places and I was in for a very soggy and still chilly ride! But a great way to start the season and get to know the Primal Europe Team.


  2. Vatternrundan – What can I say? 186 miles of cycling through Sweden overnight. With plenty of mechanical incidents, interesting food and a great route. It really was a different type of cycling experience. Lake Vattern looks never ending when you are stood at the edge, I still can hardly believe we managed to ride round it at night! Here I learnt that the nights in Sweden were colder than I expected and if I were to ever do this again I would absolutely take some leg warmers for the depths of the night.

    Start bibs

  3. RideLondon100 – despite having cycled this event twice before, this year was a real challenge for me as I was riding on my own. I lined up in the start pen, in the rain, with quite a brutal wind swirling round me and wondered if I should even be attempting 100 miles in the wind and rain. But I did more than attempt it! I survived in good spirits feeling incredibly proud of myself for doing it on my own. I’m really extrinsically motivated so it really was more of a challenge than people might realise.


  4. Buying a tri bike – I’ve always wondered whether I should or shouldn’t get a tt bike, but this year I fell in love with and purchased my Liv Avow and I am still in love. Whilst I am aware I need a lot more practise on this bike the times I have ridden it I have loved it and it has fast cemented its place in my bike family, having been used for both the Cotswold 113 middle distance triathlon and the full distance at Ironman Italy, (after 112 miles together I really was at one with my bike).

    TT Bike

  5. Being confirmed as a 2019 Primal Europe Ambassador! – So I get to do it all again next year!
    I plan to try out a few more of the Velo29 events sponsored by Primal as I loved York-Leeds-York and didn’t manage to get to any of the other events this year. I also cant wait for some warmer weather to show off my new Aqua kit which arrived in November so has only been used in Malaysia so far. I have lots of big cycling and triathlon goals for next year so I feel rather lucky that I’ll be working with Primal once again.


I’d love to hear a bit more about everyone else’s cycling goals for 2019 and events you are getting involved with. Any you think I should try? Let me know.